Responding to the Afghan Refugee Crisis in Sacramento

Our Mission

Healing Grove’s mission is to share the love of Jesus through exceptional health care, soul care, and culture care so that, together, we can bring “the healing of the nations” (Rev 22:2).

Our Clinic Model

Healing Grove’s model provides ongoing funding to support Afghan refugee’s medical needs over the long term. Healing Grove will offer concierge healthcare memberships to those with means for $200 per month. Every paying member will fund a medical home for 2 Afghan refugees. Healing Grove Health Center will have two Sacramento locations: Rocklin and Arden-Arcade to serve both concierge patients and Afghan patients.

Our Neighbors

Restoring the Whole Community

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021 an estimated 70,000 Afghans were evacuated from the country, fearing for their lives. Around 10,000 to 15,000 Afghan refugees already live in Sacramento and another 10,000 of those newly evacuated are on their way after processing at US military bases. These refugees supported and protected our troops in Afghanistan. When they arrive here they are often resettled into situations of poverty. It’s our turn to protect them from the violence and oppression of the Taliban. It’s our turn to protect them from the dangers of poverty. It’s our turn to show them the love, hospitality and quality of care that Jesus calls us to give them.

Help Us Provide Afghan Refugees With

  • A safe and welcoming medical home
  • Much needed mental health and counseling services
  • A safe community space that embodies the Afghan value of hospitality
  • Connection to vital social services
  • Child Care during medical appointments
  • Transportation assistance to and from appointments

The Vision

“On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. No longer will there be any curse.”

Revelation 22:2-3

Healing Grove Health Center has a vision to provide top quality health care to the refugee community in Sacramento. Today, there are more than 30,000 Afghan and Middle Eastern refugees in Sacramento, many of whom have recently fled violent conflict in their home countries, and thousands more are on their way. Healing Grove Health Center will launch in 2022 with a mission to bring top quality concierge health care to incoming Afghan refugees!

Donate Today!

We would love to invite you to make a donation to Healing Grove Sacramento to jump start care for Afghan refugees!

Meet Our Physician

Board-certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Physician with a fellowship in faith and medicine

Dr. Thomas Stafford offers over 10 years of experience in providing top notch care of experience and is the CEO of Healing Grove Health Center Sacramento.


Thomas Stafford, MD

What is Christian health care?

Traditional health care uses scientific methods to treat patients as if their bodies were machines in need of fixing. By contrast, Christian health care seeks to heal not only the body, but also the heart and soul of the patient.

Do I have to be Christian to come to the clinic?

Not at all. As Christians we believe that every person is created in the image of God regardless of your faith tradition.

Can I donate directly to Healing Grove to support refugees?

Yes! You can set up a recurring donation or do a one time donation at:

When will the clinic be operational?

Summer 2022 is the target date for the clinic to be operational

How much does my membership cost?

Each membership is a monthly cost of $200, or an annual cost of $2,400.

How much does a membership cost for Afghan refugee

Low income families at Healing Grove pay around $150 per year per family for a membership — a 95% reduction!

What if an Afghan refugee needs speciality care?

Primary care physicians at Healing Grove act as the quarterback of the care team. The Healing Grove team has an extensive network of Medi-Cal and pro-bono specialist physician providers to ensure that every patients get both the primary care and speciality care they need to thrive in life.

Is this insurance?

No. Healing Grove Health Center does not provide insurance of any kind. We ONLY provide primary care services. Your membership fee DOES NOT cover hospitalizations, speciality care, medication, imaging, etc.

I'm a Healing Grove member. Do I still need insurance?

Yes. Healing Grove is NOT insurance. You’ll need to keep your insurance when you become a member at Healing Grove. We do not cover hospitalizations, car accidents, speciality care, etc. That means if you have a serious medical emergency, you’ll need to use your personal insurance to cover it.

What kind of insurance should I get?

We recommend a high-deductible PPO. HMOs do not work well with Healing Grove since our physicians cannot refer you to a specialist through an HMO network. PPOs allow our doctors to take care of referring you to any specialist care needed.

How did Healing Grove decide on the price for the membership?

We provide top-quality concierge care for about the same price as several other concierge and direct primary care providers in the area. However, our practice is unique since each paying member pays for two low-income people to access our clinic.

Can I use my HRA/HSA/FSA at Healing Grove?

Yes. Healing Grove Health Center’s membership fee applies to the annual health care and soul care exam which can be paid for using your HSA/HRA/FSA.

How does my membership fee help others?

Everyone at Healing Grove works for significantly less than prevailing wages because of our Christian value of caring for the poor. Each paying member at Healing Grove funds two low-income members to access the clinic – people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford healthcare.

Do you pay for pharmaceuticals for Afghan Refugees?

We use a number of resources including direct negotiated pharmaceutical and lab rates and free pharmacies to ensure that every patient gets the medicine they need at a cost they can afford.

Do I need to see my doctor to get a refill or a new prescription?

No, not necessarily. The best way to refill a medication we have prescribed is to call your pharmacy 2 to 3 business days in advance. This keeps medication errors (wrong pharmacy, wrong medication, wrong dose, etc.) to a minimum by utilizing the connection between our electronic medical records.

Refills of medications from other doctors can often be obtained with a short text or phone conversation.

Some new prescriptions may be appropriately filled after an electronic or phone conversation. However, certain medications are more complex. If we feel a face-to-face encounter or examination is necessary, we will let you know.

Do you participate in mail-order pharmacies?

Yes. Many of our members use mail-order pharmacies.

Do you cover vaccines?

We cover annual influenza (flu) vaccinations and TB skin tests for our patients here in the office. The other adult and pediatric immunizations are just too expensive to provide at our office. We recommend using one of the local pharmacies and your health insurance for the other vaccinations.

Low-income children who meet the criteria for the VFC program can receive vaccines in the clinic. For higher-income children who have a well-child check here, we can recommend vaccinations and even obtain authorization and have the vaccines given at another site. Ask your doctor for details.

What tests or procedures do you offer in your office?

We perform basic office lab studies: urinalysis, blood sugar, urine pregnancy tests, hematocrit, electrocardiograms (EKG), basic breathing tests, and hearing screenings.

We also perform basic skin procedures (suturing and skin biopsies) and apply splints and casts for sprains and simple fractures (broken bones) here in the office.

We do not draw blood tests or perform x-rays in our office.

Do your doctors do operations?

We perform basic skin procedures (suturing and skin biopsies). We can insert IUDs and nexplanon devices. We can remove ingrown toenails. We can remove skin tags, sebaceous cysts, and most lipomas. We can freeze warts and other unsightly growths. We do not perform any major operations at surgical centers or hospitals.

Do you provide OB care?

Healing Grove provides prenatal care before birth. At the time of birth, Healing Grove physicians transfer the patient to a hospital with a labor and delivery unit.

Can you do sports/school/camp physicals?

Yes. This is often our best opportunity to assess the care of our school-aged benefactors.

Can you be my Workman’s Comp doctor?

No. Workman’s Compensation insurance is contracted with specific doctors. We are happy to see you for any health problem or injury you may have regardless of where it occurred; however, if you require extensive treatment related to a workplace injury, a specialty office will probably need to be involved. This usually necessitates a Workman’s Comp provider well-versed in the rules and regulations of the complex Workman’s Comp system.

Can you do my DMV physical?

No. Since May 2014, federal regulations require that you must see a provider on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners for DMV physicals.

What is not included in my membership?

  • Hospital coverage
  • Specialist coverage
  • Blood tests outside of our standard individualized health exam