Iglesia del West Alma

Live at the Fox Theater, 4pm, September 11, 2022


They said he can't...

Christopher Duffley was a premie born with cocaine in his system weighing just 1 lb 12 oz. The doctor said it’s possible he can’t survive. Christopher Duffley can’t see. Christopher Duffley can’t do many things. But…..

But Christopher Duffley shows us we CAN!

With more than 68 million views on YouTube, Christopher Duffley proved that he CAN! We all have disabilities, struggles and challenges that leave us feeling we “can’t”. But if Christopher Duffley CAN, so CAN you!

You’ll leave this event inspired and ready to make your “can’t” into a “can”!


Get Inspired by Christopher Duffley Live in Person at The Fox!

We all face challenges!

Christopher Duffley is a 21-year-old musician, inspirational speaker, and broadcaster. Born prematurely, Christopher is blind as a result of Retinopathy of Prematurity. He was later diagnosed with Autism but as Christopher puts it, “Yeh- I have blindness and autism, but it doesn’t stop me!”

This event with Christopher Duffley will

  • Renew your faith in God
  • Inspire you with Christopher’s contagious joy and open your heart to new possibilities
  • Renew your energy instantly
  • Give you a new hope that God CAN even when you feel you CAN’T!
  • Support health care for children with disabilities living in poverty in Silicon Valley — 100% of the ticket price will be donated to Healing Grove Health Center!

The Event

“"For we walk by faith, not by sight."”

2 Corinthians 5:7

Christopher Duffley will appear live at the historic Fox Theater in Redwood City, CA on September 11th at 4:00pm. Tickets are only $7. 100% of the ticket price goes to providing health care to children with disabilities living in poverty through Healing Grove Health Center.

Get your tickets today!

100% of the ticket costs go towards caring for children with disabilities in poverty in Silicon Valley through Healing Grove Health Center!

Christopher Duffley

Meet Christopher...

When he was born, Chris weighed 1 lb, 12 oz, due to drug exposure. He was given a limited chance of survival.

Four years later, he was handed a microphone and started a journey that has inspired audiences throughout the world.

By 10, he sang the national anthem at Fenway Park and became a Youtube sensation by 11.

With each keynote, song, & performance Chris teaches audiences they are unlimited…and usually, just need a little reminding.


Christopher Duffley

Meet the event host

Pastor Albert Macklin

Reverend Macklin, who was born with glaucoma and has been blind since 1998, is the senior pastor of New Sweet Home Church in East Palo Alto, CA.  Completing his general education in Mountain View public schools, Pastor Albert graduated from San Jose Christian College in 2004, acquiring his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

Celebrating his latest Gospel CD, “I Believe God”, released during a live concert, Pastor Albert continues in his calling, enhancing the lives of others. He endeavors to be a “Servant”, called by God, loyal, dependable, and committed to a life of purity, integrity and excellence. He continues to impact lives throughout the country, sharing his testimony of strength and endurance, in spite of opposition. His voice is heard in churches, convention centers and campuses alike, as he shares his message of perseverance and faith in God.

Event attenders will be inspired by Pastor Macklin’s story and encouraged by the singer/songwriter’s performance!


Pastor Albert Macklin

Is this a family friendly event?

Yes! The whole family will be inspired by this event!

Should I invite my friends?

Yes! This is a great event to invite your friends and coworkers to!

Who is sponsoring this event?

This event is sponsored by Healing Grove Health Center through the generosity of the SHP Foundation.

Can I donate directly to Healing Grove?

Yes! You can set up a recurring donation or do a one time donation at: healinggrove.org

What if I can't afford the ticket price?

No problem! Email brett@healinggrove.org for free tickets!

Can I bring a group?

Yes!! We’d love to work with you to support your group! Send us an email at brett@healinggrove.org

Is there group pricing?

Yes! We want to make sure your group can attend! Email brett@healinggrove.org!

Where do ticket proceeds go?

100% of the ticket cost will be donated to Healing Grove Health Center in San Jose, CA to care for children with disabilities living in poverty. This event is underwritten through the generosity of the SHP Foundation so that all proceeds can go to Healing Grove Health Center.